PROJECX provides technical and commercial support to our partner companies throughout Europe, the Middle East Region, Indian Subcontinent and Asia Pacific region.

With the expanding market in the Middle East and North African regions, the provision of cost effective support to clients and consultants is a key component of a successful business. Through PROJECX our partner companies can provide high quality support to their clients without the high overhead cost of relocating personnel to the region.

PROJECX provides highly qualified personnel to support each of our partner companies and as business expands our partners can co-locate their personnel in our offices as a move towards establishing a full technical and commercial presence in the region. The PROJECX offices in Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road, overlooking the Burj Khalifa which is now the tallest building in the world close to DIFC and the Emirates Towers, provides an excellent meeting point for client presentations or just a friendly base to work from when visiting the region with all the support services you require.

In addition PROJECX provides after sales support services to our partner companies’ installations which is a service that enhances the efficiency of clients operations and the reputation of our partner companies’ products. Our after sales support services includes the stocking and provision of consumables from our duty free and duty paid warehousing located in the United Arab Emirates that are required by our partners companies.

If you wish to contact our partner companies directly or through PROJECX we would be pleased to be of service.

If you wish to utilise the services of PROJECX to develop your market presence in the Middle East, African, Indian and Asia Pacific regions we would be pleased to discuss how we can be of assistance.