Piedmont Pacific


PIEDMONT PACIFIC CORPORATION specializes in stainless steel couplings for wet and corrosive environments, where high strength and long service life are required.

Water, wastewater, seawater and some chemical process industries have these requirements and stainless steels have proved over time to be the most cost effective material for these applications. Piedmont uses both type 316 strainless and duplex stainless, depending upon the type of coupling.

Type 316 is the most commonly used stainless steel in the water industry and for exposed applications, it provides long and trouble-free service. Although more expensive.

Duplex steel has the advantages of being both subtiantially stronger and more corrosion resistant than type 316; Piedmont uses duplex for most high pressure couplings.

Country of Origin

Scope of Interest
-Cartridge Filter Housings and Elements for desalination pretreatment and cleaning.
-High & Low Pressure Couplings for Reverse Osmosis Pipework.