Fibracast was started in August of 2010 by the original pioneers and innovators of immersed Hollow Fiber technology. Their intent was to solve the most common problems plaguing conventional UF technology today. Membrane designs have not changed over the past 20+ years and Fibracast knew that a simple design modification or introduction of a new aeration technique was not the answer; a complete membrane redesign was needed. Starting with a clean slate and over 25 years of global operational experience, Fibracast set out and created a new and innovative membrane technology called FibrePlate, solving the problems of the past and challenges of the future. FibrePlate’s unique hybrid design approach integrates the best of hollow-fibre and flat plate technologies into a single membrane offering resulting in performance and operations unmatched by others. FibrePlate, the next generation in membrane performance!

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MBR Membranes.