Duechting Pumpen


In its more than 60-year-old history, service has always been in the center of attention at DUCHTING PUMPEN Maschinenfabrik. By paying close attention to our customers’ individual needs and specifications, we have managed over the past decades to establish the sizes and qualities for new pumps and applications that today form the basis of our comprehensive product range.

It was from this approach that we derived our motto “Quality through Experience”, that today forms the basis of our company philosophy. For two generations now, DUCHTING PUMPEN has put this motto into practice in every department and work process.


DUCHTING PUMPEN has worked in desalination with high-pressure centrifugal pumps in reverse osmosis now since the early 90s. While the demand for higher quantities and pressures has risen over the past years, DUCHTING PUMPEN has kept up with the development and can now offer high-pressure pumps, including energy recovery units. The materials used for these pumps have been tested in numerous applications, and the performance data has been adjusted to market demands by means of task-flow programs.


Flue Gas Desulphurization
It was only in 1982 that flue gas desulphurization became more important in Germany. DUCHTING PUMPEN played a major role in this field from the very start and has installed one of the largest populations of these pumps in domestic power plants over the years. As a result of the extraordinary characteristics of SICcast®, a highly successful material that was developed at DUCHTING PUMPEN, almost all FGD pumps are now built with SICcast®. Due to this exceptional, innovative technology, our products have become ever the more interesting for operators of power plants worldwide.
Country of Origin
Scope of Interest
-Process Pumps in SICcast (corrosion resistant material) for Reverse Osmosis Desalination.
-High Pressure & Booster Pumps for Reverse Osmosis Desalination.