Norit Haffmans signs agreement with PROJECX

Norit Haffmans a Leading Design & Manufacturer of CO2 systems has reached an agreement with PROJECX based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates to be its representative for marketing, servicing & commissioning of CO2 products for the desalination industry. This follows the successful supply of two CO2 systems for large scale reverse osmosis plants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and builds on the existing PROJECX relationship with Norit X-Flow.

With the increasing size of reverse osmosis plants, the demand for CO2 in the desalination industry is developing and Norit Haffmans have extensive experience which is now applicable to desalination plants. This also combines with the Norit activity which focuses on the desalination, water and waste water treatment industries.

What PROJECX brings to the RO market is a well seasoned staff with over 20 years of combined experience in dealing with a range of technologies and systems such as: Seawater Intake Systems, Membrane Desalination Processes with Energy recovery devices, Thermal Desalination Process, Water Treatment Processes, Waste Water Treatment Processes, Large Scale Water Features/Fountains, Solid Waste Management, District Cooling, Turbine Inlet Air Cooling and advisory services on technology selection, optimization and Operations and Maintenance of Power, Water and Waste Facilities. The list of accomplishments for PROJECX is long and very distinguished.

The emergence of this working relationship will not only benefit Norit Haffmans and PROJECX, but will have a significant impact on our mutual customers says Mr. Alistair Munro the CEO of PROJECX. It translates into one stop shopping for engineering and construction consultancy for Norit activity in seawater desalination projects.