Climaveneta for Middle East: Air conditioning beyond traditional technological frontiers
pt20_pic4The awareness of the huge challenges an air conditioning system has to cope with in Middle East and the extensive experience in this market has led Climaveneta to concentrate all its know-how to offer a no compromises solution to the most critical factors in this area:

Energy efficiency
Especially at latitude where the air conditioning systems operate all the year round, even the slightest improvement in the efficiency of the air conditioning system allows large savings in the running costs and a faster return on investments.
High outdoor air temperature

With outdoor air temperature beyond 35°C many days a year, even the best performing air conditioning system can stop working, exactly when heat loads are at their peak, thus dramatically compromising both quality of comfort and usability of the building.

Case study
Energy efficiency and High outdoor air temperature: the true challenges in Middle East air conditioning.

The harsh climate conditions typical of Middle East areas make energy efficiency and extended operating limits even more crucial factors than usual for a effective air conditioning solution.



Graph 1 shows that the yearly average external air temperature in a typical UAE city is 27°C. Moreover, (graph 2) for six months a year the temperature is above 35°C for 30% of the time. Considering that air-conditioning is needed starting from an external air temperature of 20°C, or even at lower temperatures in many applications such as shopping centres and glass facades buildings, the system runs for over 80% of the year as highlighted in Graph 3.

With yearly operation time of 7.000hours, in case of a 700kWh installation, an EER increase by 5% would mean over 80.000kW/h saved over the whole year. Hence in these conditions even the slightest increase in efficiency dramatically contributes to reduce the running costs and to shorten the pay back of the system.