Chem Process Systems


Chem Process is an engineering company operating throughout the world, specializing in the design, manufacturing, integration and installation of process equipment such as steam surface condensers, process condensers, multiple effect evaporation plants, crystallization systems, steam jet ejectors & vacuum systems, thermal vapour recompressors, steam jet refrigeration systems and similar equipment based on vacuum, evaporation, crystallization and heat transfer technologies to the food, dairy, chemical, pharmaceutical, power and desalination industries.

An ISO 9001:2000 certified company, Chem Process shall be able to supply stamped vessels from October 2007 onwards.

Materials used in production
  •  Stainless Steel Alloys
  •  Duplex Steels
  •  Titanium
  •  Aluminum
  •  Copper Nickel Alloys
  •  Monel
  •  Inconel
  •  Hastelloy
Chem Process has manufactured various equipment for the power, desalination, chemical, petrochemical, refineries, pharmaceutical, dairy and food industries:

  •  Dual Media Filters
  •  Pressure Vessels
  •  Steam Surface Condensers
  •  Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
  •  Steam Jet Ejectors & Vacuum Systems
  •  Columns and Scrubbers
  •  Storage Tanks
  •  Skid-Mounted Packages
  •  Piping & Skids, etc.

Country of Origin

Scope of Interest
Design & Manufacture of Zero Liquid Discharge Systems – Evaporators & Crystallizers.